Sunday, August 05, 2007

Bathex 2007 photos

Here are the promised photos from my weekend exhibition at Bathex 2007 at Bathurst, NSW. You'll have to scroll down 6 or 7 posts for the full report, but the first few photos are some details from the display. In order going down they are
1. My fan laced 1940's - 1960's corset, purchased on E bay about 12 months ago. This is the back view.

2. One of my grandmothers' maiden aunts' camisoles, which were the nucleus of my underwear collection and inherited about 10 years ago. Pre 1920 era.

3. My repro 1885 corset, made of coutil and grey furnishing weight woven fabric, with plastic artificial whalebone stiffening and a 5 eye busk on the front. Laced through 3 piece eyelets at the back. Size 23 inch waist.

4. A gorgeous camisole from the Linnwood Collection, assymetrical fastening with tiny pearl buttons and featuring crocheted lace trimming. About 1900 - 1920 era.

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