Thursday, May 31, 2007

Amazing art in the mall

Today I went with 2 friends to Hornsby (a northern suburb of Sydney) on a quest for some mattress ticking for one of my historic house projects. The shop staff told us to look for the big clock and we could not miss the shop. Well, we did (miss it, that is) and we drove around and around in circles till eventually consulting the telephone book in the post office (no help because we couldn't find the street signs) and then asking a friendly local. She pointed out the clock and said just up there on the left. Well, this is THE clock. How could we miss THAT? It's a magnificent metal (bronze?) sculpture / clock / water feature in the centre of the mall at Westfield. The details are just fabulous. Local birds, bats, and a tribute to the local waterway (the Hawkesbury river not far away). A real centrepiece to the mall, and a drawcard for the locals and visitors alike. It made the 2 hour drive worthwhile, although the companion directing the driver disliked traffic and stop lights and took us on the "scenic route" !! I'm ashamed to say it helped that the local Target department store had chocolates at 30% off too (actually, that's not 100% true, I deserved some spoiling!) I also bought 2 giant punnets of local strawberries from the Organic Growers' Market as a treat for my DH.

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Jenny said...

What an amazing art piece! Wants me to make a trip to hornsby just to see it!