Monday, May 07, 2007

TAST running stitch - pattern darning

This sample of pattern darning from my Basic Course at the NSW Embroiderers' Guild shows a few more complicated designs than the bookmark in the post below. Here I have used positive and negative spaces to form the patterns from a basic running stitch. The threads are perles except for the purple thread which is a stranded persian wool and the work was stab stitched while in a large hoop. The fabric is an evenweave linen about 22 count.


annetteb said...

Although really simple it is very effective. Well done. I haven't visited your blog before glad I came across it. Annette

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for posting these darning samples. I love darning patterns and these are great.

Barbara said...

Well missmuffettwo, I found your blog from pintangle blog, and I am missmuffetone, I must be one cause I will soon be 73, which means I was here before you, grin.

I love all things embroidery as well as all the other needlearts but am amazed to find myself still learning new things, of which pattern darning is one. Thanks for sharing this info with your readers.