Friday, May 11, 2007

Another chick has flown the nest!

Well today my middle daughter's best girlfriend took possession of her new 2 bedroom flat which is about 5 minutes away by car. She invited my 24 year old to share with her and pay rent so the past few weeks have been very busy for Col, looking for a permanent teaching position, packing up her bedroom and buying a few "essentials" like pots and pans, cookbooks, kitchen utensils, ironing board, broom, fry pan and a clothes airer. Funny what the kids see as essential, her friend had about 50 glasses (gifts), candles (gifts) some Tupperware and the contents of her bedroom, and thought that would be plenty !! We bought them a lovely woollen feature rug for the living room, and furniture has been ordered for weekend delivery. It took Col all of 15 minutes to pack her life in boxes into 3 vehicles and then she was off. She assures me she'll be back home often as she doesn't have a computer yet at the flat. She has a 3 month posting in P.E. but not a permanent job unfortunately. She is looking at retraining in another subject area as there is a glut of P.E. teachers presently. Doesn't seem right that a student can graduate with 2nd class honours and still not get full time employment in their field. That leaves my oldest girl still in residence (although that could change soon too) and the youngest girl officially still living here, but we see less and less of her as she works 2 jobs and stays with her boyfriend's family a lot. Her fish and cat are still here though so perhaps I can hold them hostage? The house is suddenly looking a bit big for just hubby and me, lets hope I get some grandchildren to visit some day?


Jenny said...

15 minutes to pack her life! Wow! My son is in the process of moving out & started last weekend with 4 boxes & a cupboard in a trailor! There will be more boxes of stuff & his bed next weekend. Have you decided what to do with her room yet? Jenny

Christine said...

Our bedroom faces West and is very hot in the Summer. Her room is on the south side. We've grand plans to move into her room and knock through a wall into my current sewing room, and move the sewing room into the West facing room. Better light for sewing, warmer in the Winter, and a big ceiling fan for the Summer (which I can't sleep under unfortunately) Looks good on paper, and there is a 10 foot wide custom built-in wardrobe in our bedroom, which would be GREAT for fabric and materials storage !