Tuesday, July 03, 2007

June Craft and Quilt Fair Day 2

On arriving home from the Show, I unpacked my purchases and thought, "oh, is that all I bought?" as you do. See post below. So on the second day between my shift at Cavalcade of History and Fashion and lunch I scooted back to Dale's stand to buy a few more bits. We are very fortunate in Sydney to have 3 major craft show events each year, and that's not including various Bead fairs and ready made art fairs. But Dale only brings The Thread Studio http://thethreadstudio.com/ over from Perth once each year, to Darling Harbour. So if you want to fondle the goods in person, you just have to be there! I bought a few of the things Dale mentioned in her new book "Surface Tension" (which she kindly inscribed for me with my matching purple pen) such as jute scrim, hand painted muslin, an Oliver Twists experimental pack, some hand dyed wool felt, some felted yarn and one of her great variety packs of various threads in one colourway. I also bought a half metre of an orange metallic knitted tubular ribbon, about 2 1/2 inches wide. No idea what I'll do with that, it just appealled to me. I also added to my stash of old fashioned floral fat quarters for a WISP quilt and bought some little lacy motifs to make a challenge for my EG group ladies, who will be learning some CQ at their meeting in mid July. Now I just need to shake off this dreaded lurgie, get my strength back and Bob's your uncle.
(I can just see all the non-Aussies reaching for their dictionaries to try to translate that last sentence, hee hee. Basically I meant I need to get better and everything will be all right. )

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