Tuesday, July 03, 2007

June Craft and Quilt Fair in Sydney.

These are the goodies I bought from various traders including The Thread Studio on my first day at the show. They include some Sari "ribbons" in a hank, some stranded variegated silk mill ends threads (very reasonable, at a wool shop) some machine embroidery threads and some lovely wool tops to do some felting. I loved the little square sequins seen in the middle of the photo, they are not super shiny but will add a little zing to wherever I put them. Please don't expect any photos of any of these projects SOON, I have a bit of a reputation for buying up at these shows and using the goodies about 5 or 6 YEARS later. Perhaps this time I'll be a bit more motivated, seeing all the fabulous work on the net these days is very encouraging, and now I belong to a few Groups as well where people are just so prolific, I feel positively LAZY. Just at the moment I have a good excuse though, I volunteered 3 days in a row at the Show for my Guild and for Cavalcade, and have come down with a really heavy cold, spending the last 4 days in bed or lying on the couch feeling downright miserable. Today is the first day to even sit at the computer, a big deal for someone like me who is so email and blog driven. I'd actually forgotten what I purchased till I opened the bags to take these photos, hee hee.

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Gunnels blog said...

So much lovely goodies you have bought! Such beautiful colours! I think you will do wonderful thing from it, or maybe it will be eyecandys?!