Monday, July 16, 2007


Finally, some light at the end of the tunnel. Today I'm starting to feel a little less "under the weather" and coughing is getting less frequent and less severe. Just as well, I think, because I've put several big projects on HOLD during the last few weeks which really MUST be done soon. One of them is very urgent, and it is started, but not much progress really. I'm making some Eisteddfod costumes for the dancing studio where I freelance. For full dress rehearsal this Thursday night they need a size 8 black and white striped men's suit with a hot pink organza sleeveless top underneath for "Beetlejuice" as played by Michael Keeton in the movie. And 16 hot pink organza ties to go on the supporting dancers. The fabric supplied was black and white cotton lycra, so of course that will all have to be fused to Whispaweft for the jacket. Hope my machines behave and sew through the fabric nicely, otherwise you'll hear me yelling from the other side of the country. I'm not an habitual swearer, I was always taught that swearing is a sign of ignorance of more approriate words. So usually I just threaten the machine with destruction, replacement and other dire consequences if it doesn't perform properly. It usually works. Failing that, I have a back-up domestic machine or two, and they are so old that they don't DARE misbehave or they know they'll be on the scrap heap ! Time to head into the sewing room now, set up the ironing press, and start that fusing so I can get sewing this afternoon. I'll post a picture of the progress later.

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Sarah E. said...

LOL! At University, I did Comparative Linguistics. Consequently, my view on "swear words" is that they are both linguistically historical and a grand example of single-syllable, short-vowel fricatives. If I'm in a "wordy" mood, and anyone looks at me askance (if they dare!!), I simply rattle off that phrase, and they shut up!! (huge evil grin!!)