Wednesday, January 23, 2008

January TIF Challenge NEARLY finished

Here is my January TIF challenge block, decorated some and bagged out with a nice floral lining, just before I turn it into a scissor case. It's so hard to know when you've finished with decoration on a CQ block, isn't it? Usually my projects tell me when, but this one hasn't yet. I have to stitch it into the kite shape, then I'll probably make a tassel and add a closure, and perhaps one or two more beads on a couple of bare spots I've just noticed as I loaded the photo..... Bob the Quilting Cat deserted her post after lunch, leaving me in the jumble of laces, ribbons and beads in peace. I have several other sewing projects that need my attention tomorrow, so I'll probably finish this before I retire for the night and will post the final picture on the TIF blog, see sidebar link.


Anonymous said...

This really is lovely - you uhave used a geat selection of stitches and textures. I really like the ricrac treatment, and I know just what you mean about not knowing when a cq piece is finished! Making it into a scissor keep is a great idea - womder what colour the tassel will be.

Margaret said...

Since I've done one CQ block I can really feel for you . I love yours. I only did seam treatments and then felt like I couldn't do more without making it look fussy, but your balance seems excellent to me - and I'm going to come back to look at your seam treatments when I do the CQ block challenge our EGA chapter president set for the group this year.