Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Paying it forward

Since discovering the blogging world I have come to admire and appreciate the kindness and support shown by fellow stitchers, whether embroiderers, quilters, knitters or tatters. So you can imagine how chuffed I was to receive a nomination for a "You Make My Day" award from Jane, of Nuido - a Student's Journey, see sidebar link. This student of Japanese embroidery in the UK is doing some absolutely stunning work. I have seen another JEC student's work in the flesh and believe me it's such fine and exacting work, the standard required is so high that the mind just boggles!!
The idea is to pay it forward, so here are my nominations for the "You Make My Day" award, in random order, and not all are stitching blogs !

1. The Life of Riley at where Mike Rubbo maintains a "blob" for Olive, who is 108 years young and sharing her memories and stories with the world

2. I religiously read Sharon B's blog at every day, although now I have Google Reader it's SOOO much easier, thanks for that suggestion, Sharon. The "one stop shop" for information about the needle arts and lots more besides, and of course the current Take It Further Challenge seems to be very popular !

3. Dale Rollerson at has been a regular stop over since I went to a Playday in Sydney several years ago, and got to try out all the latest products Dale and Ian stock at the Thread Studio. And besides that, Dale is a very helpful, generous person, even if she is a Kiwi, LOL.

4. Norma at participated in TAST and kept stitching despite a personal tragedy. Norma hardly missed a beat all year, a great testament to her faith and tenacity in adversity. We are participating in a Counted Thread Band Round Robin, so I'm looking forward to seeing what Norma plans for my band.

5. Jenny B. at is a friend from the Embroiderers' Guild NSW who I first met as a Leader for a Young Textile and Fibre Group club several years ago. Jenny does wonderful withdrawn thread work, machine embroidery and a little quilting. Such a talented lady, and a worthy recipient of a nomination.

6. Elizabeth at has been sharing her explorations of stitches with us, with some excellent photos and advice. Very inspiring, makes me feel VERY lazy !!

Well, those are my top 6, as I said in no particular order, but I could add quite a few more from the TAST participants, the TIF challenge participants and of course the regular blogs and sites I surf for research for costumes. So really, I'll just say to the needle arts bloggers out there, "You ALL Make My Day" I'm so lucky to have found you all, and a BIG thankyou to Jenny B. for starting me on this blogging journey in the first place.

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