Sunday, January 20, 2008

TIF Challenge January, a beginning

I've definately decided to use the palette Sharon has suggested for the January TIF Challenge. Here is my collection of fabrics, threads and ribbons and a few beads from my stash as close to the colours as I can find. I know colour perception is an individual thing, and that some other challenge members have had difficulty matching colours for various reasons. My monitor and the printed page did not agree, LOL, so I've done my best. I'm thinking along the lines of a decorated bag for my MP3 player and earphones, as my current pouch holds my Walkman and is way too big, as well as tangling the earphones every time they are put away. I have a bit of a reprieve on one of my sewing projects, the deadline has been moved to the middle of February, so now I have HEAPS of time to work on TIF Challenge this week. DH goes back to work, so I will have the house to myself, yay. Just have to fit in some grocery shopping, a haircut, make a dress to wear on Saturday for Australia Day..... what was that I said about heaps of time? FOCUS dear, FOCUS !!!

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