Monday, January 21, 2008

Progress on TIF at last.

The house is quiet, everyone has gone back to work today, so Bob The Quilting Cat has been advising me about the January TIF Challenge, see sidebar link. I've cut little pieces of silk and cotton fabric and tacked them to a 6 inch square. I rearranged them so often, I think she thought it was a game we were playing. (Did I mention that Bob is a female cat? My daughter named her Bob as a joke.)

And then, what do you know, I found a pair of G string pants (not mine, I can assure you!) in the clean washing I was sorting. Do you think the owner would notice them missing, they look about the right colour for my block. No? Oh well, just goes to show you that this Challenge has made me look more closely at colours around me to try and match the colours on Sharon's palette. Off to the sewing room now for some stitching and beading, I hear Bob calling me back.


verobirdie said...

I needed to borrowa dress from my daughter, and when I asked her, her reply was: No you are not going to cut some pieces from my dress for your patchwork! And both daughters are always suspicious when one G string pants is missing...

Jane said...

Think Bob the quiliting cat is great. Do you think cats are genetically drawn to all types of fabric crafts? Mine tries to help with mine!

Really enjoy the blog and have nominated it for the 'make my day' blogger award.


Hélène H said...

Says my daughter : "Mummy why do you keep giggling when you on the internet ?"

You just made my day !

Dianne said...

So funny!! Your block is looking great!! I would love to try Crazy Quilting - maybe Feb's TIF challenge I'll give it a go.