Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kids' workshop sample

Yesterday I was tidying up my sewing room/ studio, and pulling out fabrics to audition for Sharon B.'s TIF Challenge and looking for fabrics for 2 other quick projects as well. On Wednesday I'm teaching at the Embroiderers' Guild NSW Summer School, where the theme is Crossing the Borders. I submitted a proposal for a kids' workshop featuring Crazy Patchwork, where the stitching and decorations go along and over the seams (borders). I know it's stretching the imagination a bit, but it's not called "let's go crazy" for nothing, LOL. And I've asked the kids to wear a Crazy Hat to the class, I certainly will be!!

The photo shows the class sample which I have finally finished today, the colours are actually more aqua, hot pink and yellow than my scan shows. The little purse is 9 cm x 11 cm finished, and has a shell chip bead as the closure. I had to keep the stitching very simple, as I have to teach the 5-18 year old group the stitches if they don't already know them, and there is nothing more frustrating than leaving a workshop feeling overwhelmed by the workload. Been there, done that on several occasions as an adult, don't wish to inflict that on kids! Have finished the instruction sheet apart from some diagrams of stitches, so now I can concentrate on other projects for the rest of the week.


Doreen G said...

This looks wonderful Christine the children will love it.
I teach children at the ACT Guild also and it is very rewarding to see them go away happy with something that they have created.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog Christine. This is the first time I've visited you and I can see already that I'm going to have fun reading through to see what you've been up to. I can see already that we like some of the same things.
Mary Anne

Hélène H said...

How cute !