Thursday, January 10, 2008

The TIF Challenge, January

I have a slight problem. I can't stop thinking about the TIF Challenge!! I'm checking blogs and flickr sites daily and seeing everyone making progress. Some people have even completed their challenge for the month, and posted their photos. I say "Well Done!" to those people, but can you tell me your secret? How does one focus on just one idea for longer that 2 minutes so that you can actually commit a project to fabric?

I began by making lists, my preferred method, no fancy "mind maps" for me !! 3 pages later I've still not narrowed down my concept ideas for "someone I admire". There are too many people out there very worthy, including textile artists, friends and relations, and celebrities. Even the qualities I admire in these people are many and varied.

So I looked again at Sharon's suggested palette. Now I have a thing for purple, as you may have noticed, LOL. So using a purple palette is not really "Taking if Further" for me. I can't even decide on the form of my project yet! How lame is that, I ask you??

I'm a member of the online Australasian quilting group Scquilters, and I'm doing an Artist Trading Card swap for those people not attending a quilting retreat in May. I signed up for a one on one swap as a "warm-up" so I've been pulling out Bright and Cheerful fabrics from my stash to audition for the card, see photo of one fabric. I've also found a few pieces which might fit into the colour palette for Sharon's Challenge, so all might not be completely lost.

I'm thinking I'm going to be posting my finished project on the last day of the month at this rate, LOL. But I'm quite used to working that way, that looming deadline seems to have a way of getting my creative juices flowing !!

I wish everyone else in the TIF challenge good luck, please send me some "creative vibes" too if you can spare a few !!


coral-seas said...

I was in the same place as you until 2 days ago, when I had my flash of inspiration. I am certain yours will come to you, just keep thinking and listing.

I only call my 'lists' mind maps, because I try to let my thoughts wander and 'map' where they lead me.

As for purple, it still could be a challenge to try and use it in a new way, perhaps as the highlight colour against the greens and cream, instead of the main focus.

I know something will come to you.


Jacqui said...

If you start but don't finish on Jan 31st your have managed to do it -that includes one small sketch or colour drawing. I have learned this through BJP (big behinder but getting there). As long as I have a record of what I am planning to do for the month, I am happy and I will get there in my own sweet time. Sometimes, life just gets in the way.

Ruth said...

You are thinking about it and those thoughts will percolate through to an inspired idea, I'm sure. Creative vibes are coming your way =0)

neki desu said...

aw, come on!
with that lovely collage you made you can't have problems making something for the challenge.just keep at it :)

neki desu